Acceptable Use Policy

When you sign up with Lost Signal Networks – you agree to our Acceptable Use Policy, which outlines what we do and don’t allow on our services.

Any accounts found violating our AUP will be terminated with or without notice according to the severity of the infraction.

You may not:

  • host any “Warez” or “Serialz” sites on our services that distribute copyrighted material illegitimately
  • host any sort of Child Pornography in any form as deemed by local laws
  • host a site that simply incites violence, harassment or hate speech in others against a person or group of people or that violates any national security regulations
  • host any “Phishing” or any e-commerce sites that violate consumer protection laws, eg.: pyramid schemes
  • host any sort of malware in any form, you as a customer are responsible for your own account security – if you have an account that is infected with malware due to insecurity of your software or passwords you may be charged a fee for cleaning the account, accounts with malware are also immediately suspended.
  • host any sites that are any way illegal under your own (the webmaster) or our jurisdiction
  • BitTorrent is not allowed on our Shared services, and VPSes may use it with our permission, due to the bandwidth use. You are responsible for any copyright complaints, and may be terminated as a result of multiple complaints. This policy is also effective on dedicated servers
  • host any sort of Proxy scripts that are not privately secured, private proxies must have express permission, the private proxy policy does not apply to VPS and dedicated customers, you are responsible for your own proxy.
  • attempt to, or access any servers, accounts, or content you are not authorized to access. Users violating this policy will immediately lose access to any applicable services.
  • use our services to send any ‘bulk’ or ‘spam’ e-mail – Violating this policy will result in immediate account termination.
  • use our services to harm any other person or system in any way
  • interfere with any operation of any of our systems in a negative way, eg.: flooding or crashing a system
  • host any content that violates the privacy of a certain person or group
  • host any scripts that are capable of “denial of service” sort of attacks against us or any other system or network.


Other terms:

  • Pornography is allowed as regulated by US and Canada law, you are required to have the proper registration as needed to operate.
  • BitTorrent trackers are allowed with permission, this does count for VPS and dedicated customers, Unauthorized torrent trackers may be terminated.
  • Any external services we provide for you will restrict you under the terms of service of the external company. Please check these policies before use.
  • IRC networks are allowed on our service, they may not provide any botnet services, such as ‘C&C’ (command and control) bots, or host botnets on the networks, IRC networks that are victim of multiple DoS attacks may be suspended.
  • Bulk e-mail sent from a dedicated server or VPS must not generate any negative complaints from our upstream providers or any other services, you are responsible for your own e-mail security and making sure your bulk e-mail meets the requirements of applicable anti-spam laws, such as an opt-in/out policy.
  • Anonymous FTP is not allowed on shared accounts without permission.
  • IRC bots are allowed, they must not damage any networks or access any that are not authorized, or waste un-necessary server resources, or they will be removed.
  • IRC bots and servers are only allowed on our VPS and Dedicated solutions.