Privacy Policy

Updated 4/16/12

At Lost Signal Networks, we always keep your privacy concerns in mind.

We will never sell any customer received information. Here is our policy on information we receive:

a] Cookies: Our sites/systems may send a “cookie” to your web browser. This process is 100% automated, inherent in our site functioning and is only used for session purposes. The cookie may be logged, but will only be used for abuse purposes only, and is cleared at least every 90 days. For more information about what a cookie means to you, click here.

b] Personally Identifiable Information (PII): Lost Signal Web reserves the right to record information such as:

  • IP address
  • Browser User-Agent
  • Asset Information (MAC addresses, other logged data as a function of our systems)
  • Date of Access
  • Site Referrer
  • Page Accessed
  • Duration of Access

for analytical and abuse purposes. This information is used in automated systems to track the effectiveness  of our website. It is cleared at least every 90 days.

When you place an Order with Lost Signal Web for any type of service, additional ‘PII’ may be recorded, including:

  • Full Name
  • Street Address
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Billing Information (including but not limited to: credit card numbers, PayPal addresses, et all)
  • Date of Registration
  • Site Information

We keep this information in a secured internal database, not maintained by a third party. This information is maintained for up to a year after account closing. We will keep this info only as necessary for account reactivation or billing purposes, such as account collections or internal records keeping.

The Information we receive from you will never be shared with any third parties without express written permission.

You can at any time access your billing information to revise or change it through our billing control panel, or by contacting Support.