15 Valentine Party Craft Ideas For Kids (2024)

This list of 15 Valentine party craft ideas is perfect for creating a memorable and fun-filled Valentine’s Day celebration.

Designed specifically for Valentine classroom parties, these activities are suitable for children of all ages, ensuring everyone can participate and enjoy the festivities!

From adorable heart-shaped crafts to personalized Valentine’s Day card exchanges, these Valentine’s Day projects offer a wide range of creative activities that will engage and entertain young minds.

Visit the link of each craft idea for easy-to-follow instructions. This makes it convenient for both teachers and parents to organize a successful Valentine’s Day event. And be sure to check out all of our Valentine crafts for kids!

Valentine Party Craft Ideas

15 Valentine Party Craft Ideas For Kids (1)

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Whether you’re looking to decorate the classroom, create unique Valentine cards, or simply have a blast with hands-on crafts, this list is sure to make the celebration extra special.

So get ready to create lasting memories and make sure everyone has a blast at the next Valentine’s Day party!

15 Valentine Party Craft Ideas For Kids (2)

Panda Valentine Craft

Are you looking for a craft that will steal hearts? Look no further than the panda Valentine craft. With a cute panda bear clutching love-filled hearts, this craft idea will surely be a hit at any Valentine's Day party.

15 Valentine Party Craft Ideas For Kids (3)

Dinosaur Valentine Craft

This dinosaur Valentine craft is perfect for kids who love all things prehistoric. They can create adorable dinosaur Valentines to share with friends using only a few simple supplies.

15 Valentine Party Craft Ideas For Kids (4)

Penguin Valentine Craft

Penguins are cute, but a pink penguin is even cuter. This craft idea is perfect for Valentine parties and provides a fun and easy way for children to express their creativity.

Get ready for a wild adventure of creativity. Kids will have a blast bringing this happy hippo to life while exploring their artistic side. Whether they choose vibrant Valentine colors or a hippo's authentic shades, this craft will surely be a hit.

15 Valentine Party Craft Ideas For Kids (6)

Photo Credit:craftykidsplay.com

Puppy Paper Bag Valentine Card Holder Craft

Are you looking for a cute and practical way to keep all those Valentine's Day cards in one place? Check out this adorable puppy-themed Valentine card holder craft. It's the perfect solution for school gift exchanges and will ensure no valentines get lost.

15 Valentine Party Craft Ideas For Kids (7)

Photo Credit:24hourfamily.com

Valentine’s Printable Box Template Craft

Let children assemble adorable boxes for their classmates. These Valentine’s printable box templates are a fantastic way to add a personal touch to Valentine's Day exchanges.

15 Valentine Party Craft Ideas For Kids (8)

Photo Credit:www.littleladoo.com

Valentine Name Craft

Create an army of caterpillars during the next Valentine's Day party. This Valentine name craft combines creativity and learning. It’s a fantastic way for kids to practice spelling their names.

This next Valentine party craft idea is an adorable option for preschoolers. The marble paint art is perfect for little hands and guarantees adorable results. It also helps children enhance their observation skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

15 Valentine Party Craft Ideas For Kids (10)

Photo Credit:thekeeledeal.com

Secret Message Conversation Hearts

These adorable secret message conversation hearts are quick and easy to make and add a touch of mystery to Valentine's Day celebrations. Create a secret message with a white crayon, and then let friends uncover the message with watercolor paint.

15 Valentine Party Craft Ideas For Kids (11)

Photo Credit:twokidsandacoupon.com

Valentine's Day Love Bug Craft

Invite a swarm of adorable love bugs to the Valentine's party. This popsicle stick craft is as cute as a bug, with its pretty pink wings and antennae. It’s a fun Valentine’s Day craft for kids of all ages.

15 Valentine Party Craft Ideas For Kids (12)

Photo Credit:www.inthekidskitchen.com

Valentine's Teddy Bear Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Bring some chocolate bars to the party, and let the kids create a custom teddy bear wrapper. The free template makes this a fun and easy Valentine's party craft. Teddy bear candy bar wrappers will make the treats extra special and oh-so-adorable.

15 Valentine Party Craft Ideas For Kids (13)

Photo Credit:thesoccermomblog.com

"Piece of my Heart" Kid Valentine Card Craft

Create a heartfelt Valentine's Day memory with this puzzle piece Valentine card craft. Kids will love making this special card during a party and giving it to a loved one afterward.

15 Valentine Party Craft Ideas For Kids (14)

Photo Credit:www.theinspirationedit.com

Fun Valentine's Craft for Kids

Turn cardstock into a cute Valentine’s Day craft. This paper craft idea is low-prep, making it perfect as a Valentine's party craft.

15 Valentine Party Craft Ideas For Kids (15)

Photo Credit:www.findingmyselfyoung.com

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamp Painting

Try this DIY toilet paper roll heart stamp painting for a fun, budget-friendly Valentine's party craft. This activity is a breeze to set up and guarantees lots of creative fun. All you need are empty toilet paper rolls, and you're ready to make a heart stamp.

15 Valentine Party Craft Ideas For Kids (16)

Photo Credit:barleyandbirch.com

Make Recycled Cardboard Love Shacks

Make a whole cardboard village with these step-by-step instructions. This eco-friendly love shack is a beautiful piece of art crafted from recycled materials.

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15 Valentine Party Craft Ideas For Kids (2024)
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