LIVE BLOG: Moon Valley Invitational (2024)

PHOENIX - Coming to you live from Moon Valley.

Finals scheduled to around 8 p.m.

In case you are new to the live blog, here are things to know.

Keep in mind: Spotlight good for atmosphere; not good for sportswriters. More typos than usual.

1. The freshest take is on the top. Scroll down to see older matches, stats, information, my opinion, etc.

2. Apologize ahead of time for misspellings of names and typos. I am trying to keep up with the action so my key strokes might be a little off at times.

3. Log-in to the web site, comment along, ask questions and I will try to reply when I can.

4. Never stop. Never stop fighting until the fight is done. (my favorite movie quote, which one is it from????)

5. Enjoy.


HVY - Shrook (Mesa) vs. Hawks (MR)

Shrook up 1-0 with 1:28 left in the second

1-0 after two

Hawks down to start the third


double stalling at 1:00 makes it 2-2

2-2 after 3

OT we go

Shrook defers

Hawks takes down

escape at 14

Shrook gets his 30 secs

Hawks rides him out


220 - Reyes (BG) vs. Kiel (Pinnacle)

A lot of underhooks and circling... other than that nada

0-0 after one

Reyes is down to start the second

Reyes popped for stalling

Kiel with a nice lift to keep reyes broken down

Reyes escapes at :46

1-0 after one

Kiel takes down

Reyes breaks him down, Kiel works to his base, gets to his feet but out of bounds

restart at 1:25

resrart at :58

he just might ride him out

13 seconds left at the restart

tries stand up but cant finish,

Reyes wins 1-0


195 - Erickson (BC) vs. House (MR)

House leads 4-1 after one

Erickson escapes to start the third

Eickson ties it on nice throwby with 11 seconds left

4-4 after two

House takes down

Erickson doing a good job of breaking him down, has power half in

Restart at :46. gets the escape

Erickson takes shot but gets stuck underneath

5-4 final


184 - Byrd (BC) vs. Barker (CDS)

This is the one I was looking forward to the most

Scoreless.. a lot of feeling each other out,, not a lot of action (i missed some for interviews)

Barker gets the reversal at 1:38

I jinxed.. no action... two physically strong wrestlers just not doing much

2-0 after two,

Byrd gets inhaler in between periods

Byrd takes neutral to start third

Byrd gets in deep but stalmate called

Byrd takes shot with head down. Barker, takes advantage with a head and arm for the takedown at 39 seconds, 4-0

Restart at 16 seconds, and he rides him out for the win. Might have clinched team title


170 - Porter (DV) vs. Turk (SDO)

POrter fought off a nice shot by Turk

restart at 1:26

Nice ankle pick to his back by Turk, 5 point move at :51

Escape by Porter on the restart ater going out of bounds

Takedown by Turk, 7-1

Turk is down to start the second, Porter throws in the legs

Stalemate at 1:27

Reveral off the whistle by Turk, 9-1

Escape Porter :58

9-2 Turk after two

Neutral to start the third

Another ankle pick for 2, 11-2 Turk

escape at 33 for Porter

stalling on Turk, 20 seconds

takedown on the edge for turk, 13-3 final


160 - Tursini (CDS) vs. Sites (VV)

Tursini with the initial 2 at 1:33

2-0 after 1

Tursini on top to start second

Stalling on Tursini at 1:02

Stalling on Sites at 48 secs

3 NF on tilt at 9 seconds

5-0 after two

Tursini takes down to start third

Reveral at 1:37, 7-0

Tilt for 9-0 lead

and thats the final


152 - M. Suwyn (MR) vs. Winstead (Corona)

Winstead fights off a nice shot on the edge

restart at 1:20

Nice single to a dump, followed up by a tilt for a 4-0 lead by Suwyn

another tilt another 2 NF

6-0 after one

Winstead defers, Suwyn takes down

Winstead has the legs in and cranking hard, stalling on Suwyn

Escape on a start, 7-0

Suwyn leg trip for a double and 9-0 lead

Tilt time, 2 NF before the buzzer, 11-0

Winstead takes top to start the third

Reveral at 1:40

Penalty awarded to Winstead after Suwyn pushed him, but warranted after Winstead banged on his head a few times

Winstead escapes and gets takedown to close withing 13-4 at the end


145 - McReynolds (CV) vs. Jaramillo (Dobson)

Jaramillo hit the big throw and pin at 35 seconds


138 - G. Farina (CDS) vs. McMenimen (Bayfield)

McMenimen leads 3-2 after 1. (didnt see the action because of interviews)

Neurtral to start the second

McNemimen with the takedown to start the second

5-2 lead. injury time for Farina

DOnt know anything about this kid from Colorado but I haven't seen Farina handled like this

Farina escapes soon there after at 31 seconds, and gets the takedown with 4 seconds to tie it at 5

McNemimen takes down to start third

He escapes at 1:13, Farina asks for injury time as soon as they get to neutral

McMenimen takes bottom at restart with 6-5 lead

Escapes at 50 seconds, 7-5

Barrel roll at 26, 9-5

matched was stopped with 11 seconds left... not to make excuses but something clearly wrong with Farina... tired? sick? woozy?


132 - Rich (SDO) vs. Meraz (Dobson)

Restart and scoreless at 53 secs

0-0 after one

Meraz defers, Rich takes down

Escape off the whistle

Both wrestler doing a good job of blocking solid shot attempts

still 1--0 at 53

Restart at 12 seconds... Rich being more aggressive but to no avail

1-0 to start the third

Meraz takes down

Escape at 1:54

Meraz gets a nice single leg, at 1:32. 3-1 lead

Stalemate called at 1:10

Meraz doing a good job of keeping the pressure on.

Stalling at 24 seconds on Meraz

Potentially dangerous called just before Rich looked to be getting a reversal, at least an escape

Restart at 13 Escape at 7

Meraz wins 3-2


126 - Galaviz (Coco) vs. M. Farina (CDS)

Farina with the initial 2 at 1:02

Stalemate called 2 seconds later

Farina throws half on one side, slides over to the other for a tilt. A very slick two point near fall

4-0 after one

Galaviz defers, Farina takes down

Reversal Farina and two NF

Galaviz returns the favor

8-2 Farina

Another reversal to push it to 10-2 with 31 seconds left

10-2 after 2

Galaviz takes neutral

Stalling on Farina 45 secs

Farina takes the 2 and the win


Pretty impressive


120 - Anderson (Coconino) vs. Reyes (VV)

Reyes hits an inside single, switches to double but Anderson never concedes and gets a restart

scoreless after 1

Reyes defers, Anderson goes neutral

Anderson gets in deep on a single, but Reyes fights it off

Reyes comes back with a nice shot and finishes this one off at 1:13

Quick tilt for two but Anderson escapes at 24 seconds. 4-1 reyes

Anderson gets another deep shot toward the end of the period but cant finish

4-1 after two, Reyes takes down to start the third and escapes for 5-1 lead

Neutral with 1 minute to go, still 5-1

Reyes seals it with a nice high crotch

7-2 final


113 - Gomez (Glendale) vs. Mendez (MV)

Gomez with a head-and-arm for the first takedown

Mendez escapes with 1:02

restart at 49 secs

Nice ankle pick by Mendez on the edge, restart at 33, leading 3-2

Gomez reversal at 21

Escape at 12 secs to tie it at 4

Gomez defers, Mendez takes down

Mendez tried a spladle but Gomez dropped his hips nicelyto block

Restart at 1:03

1 point for Mendez as Gomez held on to the leg too long

escape at the buzzer for Mendez

6-4 Mendez after 2

Gomez is down to start the third

Restart at :59, mendez up 6-4 and on top

Stalling warning at 48 secs on Mendez

Gomez escapes at 13

Mendez wins 6-5


106 - Crooks (BC) vs. Uhler (CV)

Uhler being the aggressor at the start but Crooks gets the first two on the edge

Uhler hits a switch for a the quick reversal on the restart

Escape Crooks, 3-2 lead

3-2 lead for Cooks

Crooks defers, Uhlers takes down

Uhler escapes

Crooks with the 2 at 55 in the second period

Crooks leads 5-3 after two

Crooks takes down to start third

Uhler riding for the first minute

Stalling on Uhler,, 35 seconds left

Stalling Crooks

Finals 5-3 Crooks


Championship matches

106 - Crooks (BC) vs. Uhler (CV)

113 - Gomez (Glendale) vs. Mendez (MV)

120 - Anderson (Coconino) vs. Reyes (VV)

126 - Galaviz (Coco) vs. M. Farina (CDS)

132 - Rich (SDO) vs. Meraz (Dobson)

138 - G. Farina (CDS) vs. McMenimen (Bayfield)

145 - McReynolds (CV) vs. Jaramillo (Dobson)

152 - M. Suwyn (MR) vs. Winstead (Corona)

160 - Tursini (CDS) vs. Sites (VV)

170 - Porter (DV) vs. Turk (SDO)

184 - Byrd (BC) vs. Barker (CDS)

195 - Erickson (BC) vs. House (MR)

220 - Reyes (BG) vs. Kiel (Pinnacle)

HVY - Shrook (Mesa) vs. Hawks (MR)


Team scores (top 5 only)

1. Dobson 574

2. Corona 551

3. Boulder Creek 510

4. Desert Vista 471

5. Mountain Ridge 458

LIVE BLOG: Moon Valley Invitational (2024)
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