Star vs. the Forces of Evil (2024)

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  • 2015-2023
  • 4 Seasons
  • Disney Channel
  • Family, Comedy, Kids, Science Fiction
  • TVY7
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This series is about Star butterfly, a magical princess from the dimension of Mewni and the heir to the royal throne of the Butterfly Kingdom. She is given the special family wand on her 14th birthday. He parents decide to send her to Earth as a foreign exchange student to continue her training after she sets fire on the family castle. She makes friends with Marco Diaz and lives with his family while attending school at the Echo Creek Academy.

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Cast & Crew See All

Star vs. the Forces of Evil (1)
Eden Sher
Star Butterfly
Adam McArthur
Marco Diaz
Star vs. the Forces of Evil (2)
Alan Tudyk
Ludo/King Butterfly

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Star vs. the Forces of Evil (2024)
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