8 Mother's Day Gifts to Sell That Will Wow Your Customers (2024)


  • Major sales opportunities for Mother’s day
  • Best selling Mother’s day gifts to sell in 2024
    • Customized mugs
    • Acrylic plaques
    • Apron
    • Tote bags
    • Customized greeting cards
    • Scented candle
    • Comfortable clothing
    • Bedding sets
  • Marketing ideas to win on Mother’s day sale
    • Create a tailored Mother’s day gifts page
    • Delight Mom with custom bundles
    • Create eye-catching Mother’s day-themed Pinterest boards
    • Run an influencer marketing campaign
    • Make Mom feel special with personalized gifts
  • The bottom line

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gifts to sell can be a challenge – you want something heartfelt yet practical. But don’t stress, we’ve got you covered! In this post, we’ll share touching gift ideas any mom would love, plus savvy tips to make the most of this special occasion.

Mother’s Day is prime time for ecommerce. More site traffic, more sales opportunities than almost any other day. Everyone’s looking for that special gift to appreciate mom. So whether you currently sell Mother’s Day designs or want to break into this market, it’s a huge chance to connect with customers and see your profits bloom.

We’ve put together 10 can’t-miss Mother’s Day gifts that pair thoughtful designs with smart marketing advice. From timeless jewelry to pampering self-care boxes, these top sellers are sure to delight your customers. Let’s explore some winning ideas to make this your most profitable Mother’s Day yet!

Major sales opportunities for Mother’s day

In 2023, Mother’s Day spending in the United States soared to $35.7 billion, marking the fifth consecutive year of growth. According to statistics, Mother’s Day is the third-highest grossing retail holiday after the Winter Holidays and Back-to-School Season.

That’s major market potential for print-on-demand sellers! With demand for unique, personalized gift options on the rise, POD products are a perfect fit for Mother’s Day. Major POD categories like apparel, home decor, accessories and stationery are go-to gift areas. Think customized t-shirts, pillows, tote bags, wall art, jewelry, notebooks and other keepsakes moms will cherish.

The numbers speak for themselves – consumers are ready to spend big on gifts for Mother’s Day. Shoppers want nothing but the best to pamper the maternal figures in their lives. So whether it’s a personalized mug, a custom photo blanket, or a set of monogrammed bath towels, play to what’s hot this holiday season. By catering POD offerings across high-demand categories to this promising holiday, you can stake your claim on a healthy portion of sales.

Best selling Mother’s day gifts to sell in 2024

Customized mugs

Mother’s Day is coming and you need some slam dunk gift ideas that will fly off your shelves. I’ve got just the thing – custom printed mugs! Moms love practical gifts they can use everyday that also show personal thought and care. And what mom doesn’t love a hot cup of tea or coffee? Plus mugs come in all shapes, sizes and prices to fit any budget.

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You simply can’t go wrong gifting mom a custom mug printed with a cute family photo and thoughtful message. Take it from me, these popular and affordable Mother’s Day gifts will sell like hotcakes! So make some room on those display racks for bestselling custom mugs – this year’s must have item for Mother’s Day gifts to sell!

Acrylic plaques

Custom mugs are always a popular gift, but don’t stop there! Another slam dunk item to offer are customized acrylic plaques. Moms cherish meaningful memorabilia, so just imagine when she unwraps an acrylic plaque lovingly engraved with a family portrait and nostalgic message. How could her heart not melt?

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These sweet laser-etched plaques make budget-friendly Mother’s Day gifts she can proudly exhibit year after year. Their sleek modern vibe adds a stylish touch to any decor too. Offer them solo or bundled with a custom mug for a thoughtful, feel-good gift combo. Believe me, those custom acrylic plaques will rack up the sales as this year’s coveted Mother’s Day gifts!


For all the time Moms spend in the kitchen whipping up delicious meals for her family, wouldn’t she appreciate a stylish yet functional gift like a custom apron?

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Picture a crisp white apron printed with a charming recipe motif along with “Home is where the heart is” in flowing script. Tie it off with ruffle trim and handy front pockets for her gadgets. When mom slips on her new personalized apron and grabs her wooden spoon to stir a pot bubbling on the stove, won’t her heart feel full of love gifting nourishment to her nearest and dearest? The warmth of home fills any kitchen, so blessings to all you retailers for bringing such cozy joy to moms this Mother’s Day! Aprons that celebrate a matriarch’s marvelous meals will surely see sales sizzle.

Tote bags

Mothers are always on the go, transporting essentials for family activities near and far. So why not delight busy Moms this Mother’s Day with practical yet personalized carryall totes?

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Supple canvas totes printed with cheerful family photos and custom details like inspiring phrases or clever tags with her name make her feel special when running errands or heading out for the day. A quality tote bag at her side, brimming with items for keeping the household humming, reminds mom she has a loving team behind her. What mother wouldn’t beam carrying such a thoughtful, useful gift from her dear ones?

Customized greeting cards

With 78 percent of Americans planning to give cards this Mother’s Day according to National Retail Federation stats, greeting cards remain a high-demand gift item. This steadfast $6-7 billion industry presents a sales opportunity retailers cannot ignore.

8 Mother's Day Gifts to Sell That Will Wow Your Customers (5)

Beyond conveying heartfelt messages, customized cards that incorporate personal photos and handwritten notes differentiate from generic drugstore varieties. For mothers, a collage card of cherished family memories displays thoughtful effort – far more meaningful than store-bought. Additionally, premium materials like floral designs, tassel embellishments and tissue packet enclosures add perceived value, allowing POD sellers to command higher price points.

Scented candle

Self-care and sentiment pair perfectly for stellar Mother’s Day gifts! This Mother’s Day, help moms unwind with customized scented candles that set the mood. Glass vessels screen-printed with family photos and heartwarming quotes become treasured keepsakes even after the wax burns down. Use essential oils like calming lavender, uplifting grapefruit, comforting vanilla and more to create aromatherapy catered to her preferences. Etch vessel lids with clever sayings like “Mom, you’re the MVP – Love, Your Fan Club” for extra smiles.

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When the chaos of motherhood becomes overwhelming, lighting a perfectly personalized candle filled with memories alongside her favorite scent reminds mom to pause and rebalance with support of family. Soothing, smile-inducing candles say “thank you” while helping her reclaim restorative moments as she cultivates household calm.

Comfortable clothing

As many of us continue to spend ample time at home, comfortable clothes that allow Moms to relax in style remains an appealing Mother’s Day gift idea. For example, a soft and breathable cotton t-shirt or dress, printed with a charming family motif, makes for a thoughtful yet versatile gift. Moms will appreciate being able to lounge comfortably while feeling connected to loved ones. Don’t forget to offer other complementary items such as comfy pajama pants or socks for a pampering gift ensemble.

The breathable material and emphasis on family will likely resonate with mothers of all ages. For POD sellers targeting Mother’s day, gifts that combine everyday comfort and meaningful sentiment tick all the right boxes for a gift that Moms will truly cherish while enjoying her time at home.

Bedding sets

After long days keeping home life humming, mothers deserve to retreat into comfy, welcoming spaces for rejuvenation. How about offering Moms a tranquil bedding set to transform her personal sanctuary? Imagine super-soft sheets with organic cotton construction, paired with plush pillowcases and lightweight blankets in her favorite colors. For added customization, opt for pretty embroidery with meaningful phrases like “Mom’s Resting Place” or “Sweet Dreams, Supermom.”

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When she slides under her new bedding after hours of caretaking, the cozy fabrics and thoughtful touches envelop her in support. Self-care staples like these bedding sets promote restful renewal through simple comforts. Their practical nature spices up sales potential. You can consider selling in bundles with scented candles, bath bombs or linen sprays for a supermom spa kit bound to brighten her special day. She’ll drift off wrapped in this thoughtful gift!

Marketing ideas to win on Mother’s day sale

Whether you’re a seasoned POD seller or just starting out, these Mother’s Day marketing ideas are designed to resonate with your unique audience. Let’s read on to discover what will truly connect with your customers and make this celebration unforgettable!

Create a tailored Mother’s day gifts page

Let’s start by scoping out what you already have cooking. You might be surprised what could double as a rad mom gift, even if it’s not screaming “Happy Mother’s Day!" A smooth move is making a dedicated gift page to steer shoppers toward those diamonds in the rough. It’ll help visitors easily spot potential presents in one place instead of digging through your whole store.

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Therefore, a great way to help visitors easily navigate your online store is to create a separate, dedicated page specifically for Mother’s Day gift shopping. This tailored landing page makes the gift browsing experience seamless for shoppers during this busy shopping season.

For example, brands like Victoria’s Secret and Hilton Hotels have created special Mother’s Day campaigns to showcase products or packages that would appeal to mom. Victoria’s Secret took an impressive approach with their “Love is Unstoppable" campaign celebrating empowered mothers. Meanwhile, Hilton highlighted their “Momcation" getaway packages to promote mother-daughter trips.

You can even get creative with how you set up your gift page! Take inspiration from The Body Shop’s whipping up gift ideas for selfless moms, new moms, busy moms. Or you could go the price route – gifts under $20, under $50. However you slice it, a little structure makes it easier for peeps to zero in on the perfect pressie. Help them out by grouping gifts that vibe with different mom styles and budgets.

A tailored page makes shopping easier for those seeking gifts. It can also nudge regular visitors to buy Mother’s Day items. Curate sections by personality, price point or product type. Get creative with categories!

Promote your page across your site and optimize for search visibility. But don’t expect it to instantly boost sales – you need an integrated strategy. Displays pop-ups to drive traffic, and refresh content regularly to maintain interest.

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Delight Mom with custom bundles

This Mother’s Day, take the stress out of shopping and make gifting a breeze by bundling thoughtful custom gifts.

For example, an on-the-go mom would love a monogrammed tote, water bottle, and inspirational plaque. Gift a mom who loves writing with a journal, notecards, and gel pens. Or pamper her with a spa bundle of scented candles, cozy robe, and slippers.

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And we can complete your gift bundles with our exclusive brand packaging kit – including packaging boxes, message cards, and packaging seal for that cohesive, giftable look. Premium packaging makes the unboxing experience more special and anticipated, so make sure that you don’t miss out on this simple step to win your customer’s heart.

Thoughtfully bundled gifts are sure to delight every type of mom this Mother’s Day. Take the guesswork out of shopping with custom curated sets she’ll adore!

Create eye-catching Mother’s day-themed Pinterest boards

Pinterest has become a visual gift-hunting haven with over 400 million active users browsing for ideas. And with a whopping 1.5 billion weekly pins, your content’s need to really stand out.

8 Mother's Day Gifts to Sell That Will Wow Your Customers (11)

Pinners evaluate results by appeal – so curate high-quality, visually striking product images. Arrange them not just by theme, but color too for maximum eye candy. Remember, folks are on Pinterest for eye-candy!

This Mother’s Day, create enticing boards to showcase your most giftable goods. Help gift-hunters discover you among the sea of pins. With engaging pins of your top Mother’s Day gifts to sell, you can capture shoppers’ attention and drive them to your store.

Run an influencer marketing campaign

According to Edelman Trust Barometer 2023, influencer marketing is exploding, with 86% of brands using it and 92% seeing success. Shoppers also trust influencer recommendations way more than traditional ads – 73% vs 18%.

So this Mother’s Day, think about collaborating with relevant influencers to promote your products. Find creative ways to partner, like gifted products, affiliate links, promo codes. And look beyond just holiday gifts – get clever with promotions that will drive traffic and sales year-round.

For example, clothing brand Next had influencers highlight a subscription service before Mother’s Day, scoring more signups during the gift-giving season. Smart tactic!

Team up with influencers to offer exclusive Mother’s Day discounts, promo codes or affiliate links – great ways to drive traffic and sales. Affiliate links let you easily track purchases, but promo codes will boost conversions whether customers click the link or not. Either way, collaborating with the right influencer can connect your products with fresh new audiences this Mother’s Day!

Make Mom feel special with personalized gifts

Ditch the impersonal, mass-produced gifts this Mother’s Day! Personalization is the hottest trend out there, and shoppers are loving unique, customized presents that come from the heart.

So think beyond the usual this year. Wow moms with a limited-edition product you can customize just for them. Or breathe new life into a bestseller by adding a special Mother’s Day touch – think engraved names, sentimental photos, anything to make it extra meaningful.

By putting a personal spin on your products, you’ll tap into the top trend while creating gifts moms will really cherish. Show you understand and appreciate her by offering personalization. Give a gift that’s as one-of-a-kind as she is!

The bottom line

And that’s a wrap! We’ve covered 8 hot sellers from inspiring mugs to pampering self-care items that pair unique personalization with practical marketing tactics.

When it comes to preparing for Mother’s day sale, it’s important to choose a trustful and reliable POD fulfillment partner that can ensure high-quality products delivered on time. And Merchize can make it easy to access quality products with fast fulfillment and excellent customer service! Our user-friendly platform empowers you to customize and sell creations moms everywhere will cherish.

Be ready for your best Mother’s Day season yet! Browse our catalog of best-selling products to get started designing winning gifts to wow your customers today.

8 Mother's Day Gifts to Sell That Will Wow Your Customers (2024)
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