"I was previously on another provider who had limited administrative options and questionable bandwidth. Lost Signal made the switch extremely easy for me and I have never yet experienced downtime."

Ian Thayer - "Tweeterman Reviews"

Web Hosting

Simple, fast, easy! We offer standard web hosting in three different plans to meet your needs, with an up to date feature set and plenty of extra features to enhance your hosting experience. With value in mind, we always offer 20% off yearly subscriptions.

Virtual Private Servers

Powerful, Responsive, Secure: Based on industry standard virtualization systems
Xen and OpenVZ, we have VPS plans to fit any budget. Run your own system at a fraction of the cost. A smooth experience is guaranteed, our VPSes are never oversold.

Dedicated Servers

The ultimate in control and efficiency! If you need even more power for your site or business, a Dedicated Server can meet any requirement for a custom software suite, high traffic, or high utilization operation. Sandy Brige processors coming soon.