The Ultimate List of Would You Rather Questions for Kids (2024)

Are you looking for new ways to engage your kids during family dinner time? Do conversations during road trips and after school feel like pulling teeth? Many kids are easily distracted and focused on their phones or their tablets. When asking them questions about their day, you’re often met with one-word answers. We’ve pulled together a long, extensive list of “Would You Rather” questions for kids that can help you jump-start any conversation.

There are simple questions about daily life that even preschoolers could think about. There are questions that will get them thinking about the future. And there is a collection of funny would you rather questions that will have everyone laughing at how disgusting the options are.

These conversation starters are perfect for road trips and long rides in the car because they will get everyone talking and defending their choices instead of tuning out and watching movies. They are also good ice breakers if kids are meeting new people or need a little help coming out of their shells.

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Tips for Better Communication with Kids

When engaging your kids in conversation, there are a few ways to help improve the quality of your discussions. First of all, specific questions are way more likely to get you a response than general questions. Kids are able to recall more specific moments and memories, so asking a specific question will help them remember more clearly.

Remember that not everyone wants to talk all the time, even kids. There might be days when your children aren’t in the mood to talk. Don’t worry about it, try again later or the next day. People sometimes just need a little quiet time or alone time.

Make sure the conversation is two-way. If you’re asking your kids about their day, tell them about yours too. You don’t have to overshare, but they shouldn’t feel like they are on the hot seat during a conversation. Share a funny story that happened to you, something that the family pet did, or pass along a hello from grandma or another family member. Talking to your children with respect and showing that you are interested in them and also want to be open with them can help fuel your future conversations.

How to Play “Would You Rather”

“Would you Rather” is a game that pits two different options against each other and the person answering must choose one or the other. Usually, it’s a difficult choice where both options are fantastic and you wish you could have both, or both options are terrible and you really don’t want either.

You can take advantage of this list and turn it into a free printable so you have a long list. You can also copy and paste a few questions on small note cards and pick one to talk about each day over dinner.

This is also a game where you can record some of the answers and ask the kids a year later and see if their answers are still the same. It’s a blast to learn a little more about how their brains work and how they make decisions.

Everyday Life-Related Would You Rather Questions for Kids

1. Would you rather hang out with your best friend for an hour every day or for a whole weekend once a month?

2. Would you rather be able to celebrate only your birthday or celebrate only Christmas?

3. Would you rather have your clothes on backward or wear them inside out?

4. Would you rather be really good at a musical instrument or be really good at sports?

5. Would you rather play one video game and be the best or have tons of video games that you aren’t very good at?

6. Would you rather wake up to a rooster or wake up to a dog licking your face?

7. Would you rather do a book report or a science project?

8. Would you rather live where it’s spring year-round or autumn year-round?

9. Would you rather bathe in the ocean or shower in the rain?

10. Would you rather watch Netflix or TikTok if you could only pick one?

11. Would you rather wear only black clothes or only neon clothes?

12. Would you rather become famous in Hollywood or on social media?

13. Would you rather stay up really late or get up really early?

14. Would you rather be stung by a bee or have 5 mosquito bites?

15. Would you rather watch your favorite TV show every single day or read your favorite book every day?

16. Would you rather have a tiny Chihuahua or a giant Great Dane?

17. Would you rather have only cold water or only hot water?

18. Would you rather celebrate Valentine’s Day or the Fourth of July, if you could only pick one?

19. Would you rather get around everywhere on an electric scooter or an electric bicycle?

20. Would you rather share a toothbrush with everyone in your family all the time or chew a piece of used gum once?

21. Would you rather play with ten small and inexpensive toys or one bigger and more expensive toy?

22. Would you rather visit the dentist for a cavity or visit the doctor to get stitches?

23. Would you rather live somewhere where it snows every day or rains every day?

24. Would you rather live without a television or live without a phone or tablet?

25. Would you rather play board games or video games?

26. Would you rather build a sandcastle or build a snowman?

27. Would you rather be able to speed read or have a super good memory?

Food and Drink-Focused Would You Rather Questions for Kids

28. Would you rather eat pizza or tacos as your only meal for the rest of your life?

29. Would you rather have only hamburgers or only hot dogs for the rest of your life?

30. Would you rather eat only fruits or only vegetables for an entire year?

31. Would you rather eat a raw potato or a raw eggplant?

32. Would you rather snack on chips and crackers all the time or just candy all the time?

33. Would you rather eat only chocolate ice cream or only vanilla ice cream?

34. Would you rather drink sour milk or eat moldy bread?

35. Would you rather eat a piece of cake or a cupcake?

36. Would you rather have only breakfast foods or only dinner foods forever?

37. Would you rather eat your favorite food once a week for the rest of your life or eat it every day for a year?

38. Would you rather eat two candy bars or one cupcake?

39. Would you rather eat one giant meal each day or eat 8 smaller meals and snacks?

40. Would you rather eat donuts made of vegetables or soup made of fruit?

41. Would you rather get Halloween candy or Easter candy?

42. Would you rather drink a glass of ketchup or mustard?

Make Kids Think With These Would You Rather Questions

43. Would you rather be the funniest person in the room or the smartest person in the world?

44. Would you rather have ten good friends or two best friends?

45. Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or have the ability to fly?

46. Would you rather lose every game or never play at all?

47. Would you rather read people’s minds or see the future?

48. Would you rather be three years younger or three years older than you are right now?

49. Would you rather see things no one else can see or hear things no one else can hear?

50. Would you rather be able to survive without sleeping or without food?

51. Would you rather laugh every single time you speak or have other people laugh at everything you say?

52. Would you rather have four legs or four arms?

53. Would you rather be able to change the weather or be able to change the time of day?

54. Would you rather have the powers to heal physical ailments or the powers to cheer up even the saddest people?

55. Would you rather freeze time or be able to go back in time?

56. Would you rather have one wish granted right now or receive three wishes in five years?

57. Would you rather speak and understand every language on the planet or be able to communicate with animals?

Silly and Gross Would You Rather Questions for Kids

58. Would you rather sneeze every five minutes for a whole day or have the hiccups all day long?

59. Would you rather fart very loudly or have very smelly farts?

60. Would you rather have claws as fingers or have fangs, like a snake, for your teeth?

61. Would you rather use a stinky porta-potty every day or be walked like a dog?

62. Would you rather have a giant nose or a giant tongue?

63. Would you rather have boogers in your ears or earwax in your nose?

64. Would you rather eat a spider or a worm?

65. Would you rather swim in a pool of cheese or spaghetti sauce?

66. Would you rather have a pinata filled with rats or co*ckroaches?

67. Would you rather wear dirty socks for a month or eat off dirty plates for a week?

68. Would you rather wear a clown nose to school every day or wear clown shoes to school every day?

69. Would you rather have hair made of worms or skin like a snake?

70. Would you rather have no eyelashes or no eyebrows?

71. Would you rather have a tail or giant ears?

72. Would you rather share a room with a stinky skunk or a giant (but non-poisonous) snake?

73. Would you rather have to burp every five minutes or burp up soap bubbles every time?

74. Would you rather eat only cat food or dog food for all your meals?

75. Would you rather be covered in feathers or be covered in fur?

76. Would you rather sweat out honey or green slimy ooze?

77. Would you rather have blue boogers or red tears?

78. Would you rather lick a dirty trash can or lick a toilet seat?

79. Would you rather make a clown noise every time you have to sneeze or have soap bubbles leave your mouth each time you sneeze?

80. Would you rather hide important items inside of jello or inside a block of ice?

81. Would you rather smell like rotten eggs or taste rotten eggs in your mouth all the time?

82. Would you rather have the trunk of an elephant or the neck of a giraffe?

83. Would you rather brush your teeth with mud or soap?

84. Would you rather

85. Would you rather drink all liquids through your nose with a straw or eat all food through your belly button?

86. Would you rather have toes on your hands or fingers on your toes?

Adventure-Focused Would You Rather Questions for Kids

87. Would you rather ride all the kiddie rides at an amusem*nt park or have to ride the same big roller coaster all day?

88. Would you rather live in a cave or live on a boat?

89. Would you rather try bungee jumping or rock climbing?

90. Would you rather sing on stage with Taylor Swift or dance with JoJo Siwa?

91. Would you rather be stranded on a deserted island or lost in the wild Amazon jungle?

92. Would you rather see a giraffe or a kangaroo in real life?

93. Would you rather go to a haunted house or a haunted hayride?

94. Would you rather have a koala or a panda as a pet?

95. Would you rather see a fireworks display or go to a concert?

96. Would you rather be able to live a day in your favorite book or live a day in your favorite movie?

97. Would you rather travel one hundred million years in the past and see dinosaurs or see what the world looks like one hundred million years in the future?

98. Would you rather live on Saturn or Mars?

99. Would you rather swim with crocodiles or sharks?

100. Would you rather take a camping vacation or a beach vacation?

101. Would you rather take a road trip across the United States or spend the week at Disneyworld?

102. Would you rather live in a treehouse or on a sailboat?

103. Would you rather try jumping out of a plane for skydiving or jumping off the side of a mountain for some paragliding?

104. Would you rather live in a museum or live in a library?

105. Would you rather run a whole marathon at 26.2 miles or complete the Tour de France on a bicycle which is more than 2,000 miles?

106. Would you rather fly a hot air balloon or go underwater in a submarine?

107. Would you rather spend the night at a water park or at an amusem*nt park?

108. Would you rather ride a zebra or ride a camel?

109. Would you rather be able to do a flip on the trampoline or a flip off the diving board?

110. Would you rather travel to every continent or return to your favorite place over and over?

Would You Rather Questions About Books and Movies

111. Would you rather play Quidditch or hang out with Hagrid at Hogwarts?

112. Would you rather be a sidekick for Batman or Superman?

113. Would you rather spend the night in Ursula’s underwater cave or spend the night in a New Orleans cemetery with the Shadow Man from Princess and the Frog?

114. Would you rather have the genie and the magic lamp from Aladdin or the fairy godmother from Cinderella?

115. Would you rather have fish that look like Nemo and Dori or a silly chicken like Hei Hei from Moana?

116. Would you rather live in Cinderella’s Castle or Sleeping Beauty’s Castle?

117. Would you rather travel through space with the Star Wars characters or the Star Trek characters?

118. Would you rather live in a Hobbit hole or the pirate ship from Pirates of the Caribbean?

119. Would you rather have an alter ego, like Hannah Montana, or have a robot?

120. Would you rather listen to Baby Shark or the Spongebob Squarepants song for the rest of your life?

121. Would you rather have Sebastian the crab from the Little Mermaid as a pet or Sven the Reindeer from Frozen as a pet?

122. Would you rather be friends with Chewbacca or Yoda?

Would you rather have Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak or the Elder wand?

123. Would you rather be part of the Avengers or part of the Justice league?

124. Would you rather sing like Ariel, the Little Mermaid, or shoot ice from your fingers, like Elsa?

125. Would you rather have Minnie and Mickey Mouse as your parents or Pluto as your dog?

126. Would you rather hang out in a trash can with Oscar the Grouch or live in the nest with Big Bird?

127. Would you rather live with the family in Full House or the family in the Brady Bunch?

128. Would you rather drive the cars in Mario Kart or fly through the air like the birds in Angry Birds?

129. Would you rather be a character in your favorite video game or your favorite television show?

Would You Rather Questions About the Future

130. Would you rather be a police officer or a firefighter?

131. Would you rather be elected as the President of the United States of America or the King or Queen of England?

132. Would you rather run a fast food restaurant and eat free for life or a clothing store and get free clothes for life?

133. Would you rather live next door to your favorite celebrity or live next door to your best friend?

134. Would you rather win a million dollars in the lottery or get a part in a movie paying two million dollars?

135. Would you rather create a brilliant invention or create a famous piece of artwork?

136. Would you rather get a gold medal in the Summer Olympics or the Winter Olympics?

137. Would you rather become an astronaut or a scuba diver?

138. Would you rather become a famous chef at a fancy restaurant or a brilliant pastry chef at a bakery?

139. Would you rather be a famous singer or a famous actor?

140. Would you rather live on a farm in the country or an apartment in the city when you grow up?

Other Fun Games to Play With Kids

Would You Rather is a fun game to play with kids because it gets the conversations started. Here are a few other conversational games that can be fun in the car or at the dinner table.

Name 10

Have someone come up with a category and then each player races to write down ten items that fit in that category. Whoever gets it first shares their list with the group and if everything fits in the category, they get to pick the next one. It’s a fun way to get your brains moving, plus it’s fun to debate why certain things fit into certain categories.

True or False

Invite people in the group to share two statements, one of them is true and the other is false. Everyone must guess which is which. This can be a good way to share things they’ve learned in school or things that they have experienced or done recently. This can be a fun way to get to know more about each other and have some giggles while doing it.

Only Questions

This exercise is kind of like playing Jeopardy where you have to answer each question with a question. It might seem like an easy exercise, but it gets tricky over time. It’s a good way to engage everyone at the dinner table.

20 Questions

Twenty Questions is a fun guessing game where one person thinks of a person, place, or thing. Everyone else takes turns asking yes or no questions about that thing to narrow down the options. If they cannot guess the correct answer within 20 questions, the person in the hot seat wins a point. There is also a handheld game that will generate options, or you can log onto the 20Q website and get some inspiration for clues.

What questions would you add to your would you rather game?

Let us know what you come up with for additional questions. This game can be extended for hours if you let the kids come up with their own questions too. It’s surprising how creative everyone can get.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good ice breakers that kids in a classroom or group setting?

There are great would you rather questions for kids, and they are fantastic great ice breakers! Children get a kick out of deciding between two options and discussing their choices.

How can I get my kids to talk at the dinner table?

Make sure to implement a no phones policy at the dinner table for everyone. Once everyone is seated with food, play a conversation game. For starters, try these would you rather questions for kids!

How can I get to know my kids better?

Many family activities can help you bond with your children and get to know them better! Try asking some would you rather questions for kids, or bond over a scavenger hunt right at home.

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The Ultimate List of Would You Rather Questions for Kids (2024)
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