Internet Relay Chat

The Lost Signal Internet Relay Chat has been online since 2007. Started as an open, general purpose chat network it has grown exponentially over the years.

Network Information

The network is currently operating on a Round-Robin load balancing system on the following hostname:

Plain text on port 6667
SSL/TLS on ports 6697 & 7000

This round-robin is a network of the following servers:

Network Hub

Oregon, USA

Arizona, USA

The network administrators are the following:

  • Sean Brackeen (nick SeanieB) Network Owner/Operator
  • tm512 (nickname) Operates Crimson & LS Game Servers
  • Chaos_Hedgie (nickname) Netadmin
  • Serio (nickname) Netadmin

The network is open to the public, and public nickname and channel registration services are available under NickServ and ChanServ, respectively.

The main network channel is #main. Network Administrators have a status of &/+a or higher in this channel.


Web Chat Client